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360 Y-Drop and 360 Undercover on Miller Sprayer

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Every year we use Precision Planting equipment in our own fields. We have intimate working knowledge of these products based on experience and our hundreds of hours of training. This is just part of the reason why Precision Planting as recognized us as Premier Dealer. Precision Planting is a leader in agriculture technology. They develop innovative products and solve important agronomic issues facing growers. And they provide the insights and assistance so each farmer can reach their best yield.
We are excited to offer Products from FAST Ag Solutions. FAST Ag Solutions realizes how important it is for today's farmers to continue to become more efficient and profitable, so their equipment is designed and built to make your job quick, accurate, and safe. Your investment in FAST equipment will pay dividends for years to come.
Farmers across the U.S. are experiencing better performance on their operations year after year with the DEKALB brand. It’s more than just innovative products. DEKALB farmers get a first-hand look at the latest agronomic services and techniques to help increase production on every acre. Asgrow Brand Rock Star products combine exclusive genetics with superior germplasm and proven trait technology to maximize your yield potential. With a large selection to choose from, it's easy to choose the best fit for your farm.

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